Treatment free beekeeping in Gwynedd, Wales

In Wales, there is a region where treatment against the Varroa mites has been successfully stopped. The interviews in the following video were made in 2015 for the film “Outside the box“, which will be finished in 2018.

In the interviews, David Heaf (beekeeper and author) and Pete Heywood (beekeeper and former bee inspector) report impressively on an adaptation between host and parasite, as already described in various studies.

The data collected by beekeepers is impressive.

“One does not have to have a purely materialistic conception of evolution to accept that any organism has to adapt to the conditions in which it finds itself, or become extinct.” writes David Heaf in his article about about the natural selection and handling of the Varroa mites.

The content of this citation should be consensus and needs no further discussion. It is therefore all the more obscure that in recent decades natural selection has been almost eliminated and swarms have only been allowed on the sidelines. Despite the emergence of the aggressive parasite Varroa, artificial selection was intensively used and natural selection was largely prevented.