Tom´s Tree

Log hive according to “The nest of the Honey Bee”

This form of log hive, is a way to install the tree cave inside the tree with little effort. The goal of the construction was to construct a tree cave that corresponds to the average dimensions of the natural tree caves from “The nest of the honey bee” (Seeley/Morse 1976).

A honey chamber can be attached to the side of the tree cave. It also has a screen bottom board.

The first tree caves of this kind will soon be taken over by bee colonies. The caves and the surrounding wood are equipped with measuring stations and are intended to provide information about the climatic conditions in tree caves, or about the interaction between wood moisture and relative humidity in the cave at different seasons.

We will continue to follow, support and keep you informed about this project. Own productions of such log hives are planned together with Roland Sachs. More information will soon be available here and at