Our Honey

Pressed Honey


Cold pressed honey is also called “Celtic honey”, pressing is the original way of honey extraction.
Compared to centrifuged honey it has a higher nutrient content (carbohydrates, proteins, flavonoids, ascorbic acid) and mineral content (potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, zinc). Its pollen content is five to seven times higher.



Our bees live in single constellations in an area with nutrient-poor peaks and nutrient-rich depressions (dry grasslands and dry bushes). Due to this morphological peculiarity, there is a high biodiversity of flowering plants and warmth-loving woody plants, such as sand lotus root, common cowhide, spring Adonis herb, Zala rose, Rapunzel bellflower, blue-grey blue shrike, straight horned heads and downy oak.


The forest consists of hazel, willow, poplar, oak, beech, chestnut, robinia and lime. The bees take the water from a spring and a pond with quartz sand. It is mineral-rich and has a particularly high energy.
Bees can ingest nectar and pollen from early spring to autumn. This varied diet over the entire flying year results in honey with a unique aroma and taste. It is amber in colour – from light yellow to golden yellow and cognac orange. One week after pressing it is filled into the glass. At this time it is still liquid and does not need to be heated.

… a question of attitude

During the honey harvest we take only a part of the honey and leave the bees their delicious preciousness also for their own nutrition. Of course we do not feed them with inferior sugar.
Our bees live in insulated wooden hives with diffusion lids in which they build their own honeycombs (no artificial middle walls).


The queen has access to the entire hive (no queen excluder), the bees can develop according to their nature (no addition of foreign brood combs), the drones may exist (no “drone cutting”) and much more … or better: less! Since our bees can live out their shoots as far as possible undisturbed, they also have the strength to defend themselves against intruders. Thus it comes to no “hostile superiority”, but a peaceful balance. Our bees are healthy, strong and happy. If you try our honey, you can taste it!

“While what you put into your body is not all that you are, just as your clothes and your job are not the essential nature of your being, the food you eat is a kind of extension of your being in the world. When food passes through the permeable membrane of your intestines, your mouth, or your stomach, you become what you eat in a purely physical sense. Although your spirit and being are not composed of this hard, dense physical matter, your body is earthy in origin and heavily influenced by the products you consume. Your spirit is thus manifest in your body and its expression influenced by your food choices via your body.” Kino MacGregor, Ashtanga Yoga 2013