Course in „Treatment-free Beekeeping”


Darwinian beekeeping – natural beekeeping A posture primarily geared to maximum productivity increases susceptibility to disease. Harmony in the beehive is a prerequisite for the necessary balance. Building on Seeley’s findings, possibilities for practical implementation are shown.

Sensitive Beekeeping – without fear and veil The beekeeper causes massive disturbances with his work on the beehive. It takes several days for the colony to get back into harmony after an intervention. The breeding period is extended by up to two days, which leads to a further reproduction cycle of the mite. Sensitive beekeeping means beekeeping with a feel for bees. This allows entering their place (almost) without disturbing them.

Hive physics, hive climate and hive building The housing must meet the necessary requirements of the bees and the beekeeper should be able to handle it. Ventilation, water vapour diffusion, thermal insulation, buffer effect are decisive for a good hive climate.

Geomantic influences How to recognize a good location? By clearing the environment, strengthening the bees and weakening the mites, the restoration of the natural balance is supported.

The Bien: Behaviour and urges The Bien – consisting of drones, workers, queen and wax – has a great influence on the balance with the mite. The behaviour of the bee shows which beekeeper’s help is necessary to strengthen the instincts.

Nest fragrance warmth and its effect on mites and bees A good warmth of nest fragrance shortens the incubation period, which limits the reproduction cycle of the mites. Appropriate measures are taken to promote the development of the necessary heat of nest fragrance.

practical work with the bees beekeeping without protective clothing; smoke as a fragrance; natural comb construction; nest geometry and comb images, gentle honey extraction

Swarming season Procedure and effects

Apitherapy Bee products from untreated colonies: harvesting, processing, application; smoking with propolis and medicinal herbs; cures with pollen (golden coins); beeswax/honey soaps and creams.