Norbert Dorn: Compendium to the book “Die neue Bienenlehre. Old knowledge rediscovered and new insights”

Norbert Dorn, Compendium to the book “Die neue Bienenlehre. Old knowledge rediscovered and new insights”,
All-Verlag 2018 (45 pages, pdf)

? Norbert is currently writing the book “Die neue Bienenlehre”, which – as the subtitle reveals – combines old knowledge with the latest findings. The compendium  is the short version of two chapters from the book. The first part (main part) is dedicated to natural beekeeping. Here is presented, what constitutes the nature of the bees and what we can do to treat them well: from the optimal dwelling over the importance of the wax and the drones up to the hibernation on own honey. There are also numerous things that they do not need and measures that should be avoided. Clearly divided into 24 points, at the end of each chapter there is a concrete recommendation for action.

The second part is about an empathetic way of beekeeping in which a regardful interaction with the animals is the main focus. How should I behave towards them and how do I understand what they tell me?

The aim of this work is to show a way how we can live with bees without restricting them too much, how we can harvest honey without robbing them. The explanations are understandable and comprehensible, the recommendations for action clear and practicable. The detailed list of sources invites you to read on.  Who will become a beekeeper, finds here a practical guidance. Who already lives with bees, receives certainly answer to still open questions. In addition, the text encourages us to reflect – on our share in the larger whole – and to question everything that is called “sacrosanct”, that should be forced upon us as “without alternative”. A writing for those who think and feel for themselves. The good news: We’re getting more and more! ?