Michael Weiler “Bees and Honey: From Flower to Jar.”

Edinburgh, UK: Floris Books 2006

Weiler, Bees & Honey

The author lets us participate in his numerous observations and explains them from the scientific and the apicultural point of view. He describes the bees in their wholeness. Guiding us through a year together with the bees, he is focusing on their behavior. This bee-centric base is the assumption of treatment-free beekeeping. Vividly he tells us about the flights of the queen and the drones, about swarms, natural combs and the development of the bees and the BIEN. The beekeeper’s activities are reduced to a small amount of what is necessary.

The chapter about the products of the bees is named „The Entity of the Bien’s Gifts“. Hereby the honey receives its proper esteem and the larval food is recognized as the genuine creation of the bees.

With no doubt this book (apart from the short note on separation in the basement, queen excluder, and his thanks to the chemical industries) belongs, beside Gerstung, to the compulsory literature for every beekeeper who treats the bees with humility and reverence. It is a basic lecture in natural beekeeping, and gives a fascinating insight to the life of these marvellous creatures.